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About Eddie

If you could see the heart of a grieving child, it might look larger than expected.


That’s because it grows in size to encompass confusion, fear, sadness, loneliness, and love. 


If you could place a stethoscope on the heart of a grieving child, this is what you might hear:


“Why me?” “I’m scared.” “Who will take care of me?” “I’m confused.” “It was my fault.” 


Setting out on a courageous journey after his Grandpa Joe has died, Eddie Elephant learns from other animals about the feelings of grief and how to help his heart begin healing.

A sweet little squirrel named Solly accompanies Eddie on his journey, asking just the right questions of the reader to help address their own grief. 


Parents and caregivers can rest assured that the heartwarming words on each page are based on well-respected and documented grief theory.


Dear parent and caregivers, 


When someone close to you dies, it can be sad, confusing, and scary. 


If you are a little griever, it’s even harder to understand what is happening to you. 

Children reading this book will join Eddie and his best friend, Solly Squirrel, as they set out on an unforgettable, heartwarming and very brave journey to understand all that Eddie is feeling. 


As Solly speaks directly to the reader, he will help you open an honest dialogue with your little griever about: 

  • What death is

  • The cause of death 

  • What to do with all of the different feelings 

  • How to always hold memories close 


Please remember, when speaking to and teaching children about death and grief, using truthful language, rather than euphemisms, is what will set them on a path of healthy grieving and healing.

With gratitude,


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