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About Us

Randi Pearlman Wolfson

After experiencing the death of my dad, a forty-one-year-old school teacher who died from Leukemia when I was ten years old, it became my life-long dream to provide hope and healing to grieving children and adults. 


For nearly twenty years, I have had the privilege of educating the community, including mental health professionals, clergy, students, teachers, and various other professionals, on the topic of grief. 


As founder/writer at Grief & Grits on Facebook and Instagram, I provide a caring heart and voice for grievers. Come follow me to learn more about grief and my personal story. 


I am honored to help our littlest grievers as they learn to understand their great big feelings, through the remarkable journey of one little elephant: “Eddie’s Brave Journey: How one little elephant learned all about grief". 


I think there is no one braver than a grieving child. And, of course, a little grieving elephant.

Kittaya Treseangrat

I’m a graphic designer and illustrator from Bangkok, Thailand, currently living and working in Los Angeles. I’m constantly engaged in all aspects of art and design.


In my free time, I like to hang out with friends and family, watch animal videos, and work on personal art projects.

You can see more of my work here:

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